Saturday, November 24, 2012

November Schedule of Guests

11-26-2012    Camden Toy:   The Mentalist, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Carnies, Hard Love & Good night Burbank  

11-26-2012  See Spot Kill & Jetset Rejects:  Music band from LA and have appeared on True Blood Season 4.

11-28-2012:  Corinne Dekker:  Bones, A Little Bit Country, Victorious, Ugly Betty, Cold Case & How I Met Your Mother

11-27-2012  Karen-Eileen Gordon:  Magic City on the Stars Channel, The Glades, Hannah Montana, Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Bachelor Party 2:  The Temptation, American Dreamz, Tremors, Strong Medicine, The Perfect Husband: The Lacy Peterson Story

11-28-2012  Marilynn Ghigliotti:  Clerks (Veronica), Alien Armageddon, Neland Circle, Geek USA

11-29-2012  Patrick Barnitt:  Star Trek Voyager, Coffin, Star Trek: First Contact, The Shield (TV Series), The Waiters, Santa Barbara & Beverly Hills 90210

11-30-2012 Rich Goteri:  Circus of Dread (2013), The Citizen, Demon Equation, Setup & Real Steel

Interview with Actor Andrew Roth June 2012




Crimson Winter Directed, Written by Bryan Ferriter (interview coming soon)

An Immortal Tale 

                                                                The Man in the Maze

Interview with Jim O'Rear July 2012



Interview With Bill Oberst Jr

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